Diary #69 Mindfulness Tough-School

Here is a mindfulness course (audio and book) for those that like high-effort-fast-results.  It is more akin to a laser than a massage.

Bruno Cayoun, a clinical psychologist has developed a program that sees results in two weeks (in my case) and builds up over ten.  The crux of it is sitting still for 30 minutes twice a day, working with attention exercises that build up over the course.


Rain or shine, joy or discomfort, you sit steady and determined.  If there is an itch you do not scratch, if you find yourself contemplating wonderful thoughts you still move on.


Gradually, the multitude of trigger micro-moments arising throughout the day begin to reveal themselves and we become conditioned to responding rather than reacting.


It is like putting on a pair of high-resolution glasses, experiencing life with greater clarity, stability and purpose.  I love it.


Link here to Mindfulness Integrated CBT by Bruno Cayoun.



Author: JD



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