Diary #73 Meditating in Conversation

Most meditation and mindfulness practices I come across are introspective, sitting alone, often with eyes closed.

Recently I have been experimenting with the following steps so I can transition to being in a ‘meditative state’ whilst in conversation.

  1. ‘Standard’ meditation: sitting, eyes closed,  keeping the attention on an ‘anchor point’, such as tip of nose, belly or feet;
  2. Same as above with eyes open looking ahead;
  3. Same, whilst looking around;
  4. Same whilst walking;
  5. Same whilst in conversation.

Maintaining an ‘anchor’ whilst talking and listening, is enabling me to be more present, engaged and less caught up in my emotional reactivity.


If you have come across any other interesting techniques I'd love to hear about them.



Author: JD

 Image by Leonardo Valente from Pixabay 


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