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Diary #135  Timeboxing
Diary · 15 May 2022
Recently I have been experimenting with Timeboxing as a calendar-management tool.
Diary #134  Deceiving Filters
Diary · 08 May 2022
When I feel bad, irrespective of the context, everything can seem not-quite-right. And when I feel great everything can seem on-track.

Diary #133  Street Wisdom
Diary · 01 May 2022
Check this out if you like exploring ways to more present in everyday life.
Diary #132  Motivation in Parts
Diary · 24 April 2022
How do I get myself motivated about something un-motivating? Here is something I have been experimenting with – early days but seems interesting.

Diary #131  Let's talk Motivation
Diary · 17 April 2022
Speaking with a friend who studies Motivation in Sports Psychology, I realise that trying to simply be [or make my 12yrs old son be] ‘motivated’ is quite a primitive approach.
Diary #130  Let's talk Mind Training
Diary · 10 April 2022
I find the field of mind-training really amazing.

Diary #129  Exercise + Mindfulness
Diary · 03 April 2022
When you are running or cycling are you aware if your mind is wondering or not?
Diary #128  Pleasant vs Challenging Meditations
Diary · 27 March 2022
Some meditations are geared to make one feel more relaxed, inspired, or otherwise generate a pleasant feeling. These are particularly popular in apps as ad-hoc practices when somebody just wants to feel better.

Diary #127 Meditating with Eyes Open
Diary · 20 March 2022
Have you tried meditating with eyes open? If so I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Diary #126 Mindfulness and Tinnitus
Diary · 13 March 2022
If anyone you know suffers from tinnitus please check out this 2 min video:

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