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18 January 2020
On 4 Jan 2020 I went to a 5 night silent retreat, which is effectively an intensive meditative workout. Here is my account (c 3,000 words).
20 June 2017
Sitting on my seat, flying back from Athens to London. Comfortable. Consciously alert. Eyes close. Breathe. I-i-in. Expansion. Coolness. A wave of air flowing inside. O-u-ut. A tension on the shoulders. Some background noise. Now a thought: "Will I document this experience well? Will it be interesting?"
27 April 2017
Sitting. Breathing in. Breathing out. Slight loosening of the chest. Intention to focus on the breath: for ten minutes. Press "Play"...
27 April 2017
My call is today. Feeling nervous. The guy is an expert in the field. What do I have to offer? Nervousness is creeping in...