Diary #106  Accountability
Diary · 24 October 2021
One of the best remedies I find for procrastination is 'Accountability'.
Diary #105  Agree to Disagree
Diary · 17 October 2021
I’m right and you’re wrong. No, I’m right and you’re wrong. And you are a $@^£.

Diary #104  Bittersweet (Part 2 of 2)
Diary · 08 October 2021
"We teach what we need to learn"
Diary #103  Infusing Mindfulness with Running
Diary · 03 October 2021
I love infusing mind-training into everyday activities and I have no doubt that this is where the future is heading.

Diary #102  Bittersweet
Diary · 26 September 2021
It is interesting how something that I am already aware of can become more alive when I hear it a certain way.
Diary #101  Random Acts of Kindness
Diary · 19 September 2021
I am preparing to start teaching an 8-week mindfulness course and a big part of this is walking-the-walk.

Diary #100  About Street Wisdom
Diary · 12 September 2021
Street Wisdom is a super interesting way to become more mindful within our everyday environment.
Diary #99  Getting on with Marketing
Diary · 05 September 2021
Here is a quick video to help me get more comfortable with marketing myself as a mindfulness teacher.

Diary #98  Interviewing the Listener  (Part 2 of 2)
Diary · 29 August 2021
Colin D Smith is an executive coach who has become known as the Listener, for his ability to bring out deep and meaningful conversations.
Diary #97  Mirror Neurons
Diary · 22 August 2021
"Why are you annoyed?"

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