Diary #119  The Power of Mindfulness
Diary · 22 January 2022
Two valuable things one gets from mindfulness practice are improved attention and the ability to be less attached to an outcome.
Diary #118  The Double-Edged Sword of Setting Goals
Diary · 16 January 2022
Whilst succeeding in a goal is great, struggling and possibly failing, is quite painful.

Diary #117  Me or The World
Diary · 09 January 2022
Isn’t it interesting how viewing things from a slightly different perspective can be helpful?
Diary #116  The Six Minute Diary
Diary · 02 January 2022
Here is simple diary template that I find easy to commit to and very helpful.

Diary #115. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (2 of 2)
Diary · 26 December 2021
“Focus on Solutions rather than Results”
Diary #114. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (1 of 2)
Diary · 18 December 2021
Did you know that before the discovery of pain killers, hypnotherapy was an established practice?

Diary #113 Fusion
Diary · 11 December 2021
I love combining mind-training techniques, fusing them together, in the context of personal development.
Diary #112 Doing the Uncomfortable
Diary · 05 December 2021
“Rather than working on becoming confident to do the uncomfortable, do the uncomfortable to become confident.”

Diary #111 Managing Distractions
Diary · 28 November 2021
I find distractions such a pain, particularly when life is busy.
Diary #110 Wim Hof - Ice Bath
Diary · 21 November 2021
Recently I started a podcast series about using mind training techniques I have come across to support me in a current life-goal.

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