Diary #142  5 Min Walking Meditation
Diary · 02 July 2022
I like doing this little meditation when walking to the station or shops. I give myself visual markers to transition each step.
Diary #141  Nice or Whole
Diary · 26 June 2022
I find it hard to give negative feedback to someone helping me, even though it would be good for them to know.

Diary #140  Recognising Nourishment
Diary · 19 June 2022
One useful thing that mindfulness practice - intentionally being more present - is helping me recognise, is the value of nourishing activities.
Diary #139  F*** It
Diary · 12 June 2022
I feel like saying F*** it to everything that stresses me out today.

Diary #138  Flow State
Diary · 04 June 2022
I used to associate the term Flow State with fun activities like surfing.
Diary #137  The Smallest Step
Diary · 30 May 2022
I am best at procrastinating with things that have the following ingredients a) no immediate consequences b) resistance to some action. My mind will then easily conjure up credible excuses.

Diary #136  Liminal Moments
Diary · 22 May 2022
Most of my distractions, I have come to realise, don’t happen when the phone rings, or the email pops up but rather when I am transitioning-between-tasks.
Diary #135  Timeboxing
Diary · 15 May 2022
Recently I have been experimenting with Timeboxing as a calendar-management tool.

Diary #134  Deceiving Filters
Diary · 08 May 2022
When I feel bad, irrespective of the context, everything can seem not-quite-right. And when I feel great everything can seem on-track.
Diary #133  Street Wisdom
Diary · 01 May 2022
Check this out if you like exploring ways to more present in everyday life.

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