Diary #2 - The Candy Store

A really fascinating aspect I've come across through mindfulness practice is becoming aware of the degree I am caught up in my thoughts, feelings and actions in any given moment.


Sometimes I'm completely immersed, being pulled and tugged by scenarios, real or just in my mind - running on autopilot.  Other times I feel detached, like I'm sitting back watching a movie.  Being on autopilot is great when I'm playing football.  And sitting back - metacognitive awareness in scientific terms -  is great when I have to negotiate calmly.


All my life I hover somewhere along the scale.  I've had no control though, because I wasn't even aware that it was happening.  Now applying certain exercises I can have some influence.  Often I choose to watch-the-movie-of-John.  Sometimes it's "A Quiet Afternoon", or "The Mountain of Stress" or "The Rise of Johnny Blaze".


At times, far more than before,  I can even change the script and  then I feel like a kid in a candy store.


Author: JD