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Diary #240  Unforced Stretching
DIARY BLOG · 25 May 2024
I have a damaged medial collateral ligament (MCL) on my right knee and the tissue has healed thicker and tighter.

Diary #239  Empathy vs Compassion
DIARY BLOG · 18 May 2024
Have you heard that being too empathetic as nurse can lead to burnout?

Diary #238  Everyday Life - Dropping Self Importance
DIARY BLOG · 11 May 2024
I may have a difficult conversation ahead of me, such as a negotiation, or delivering some bad news.

Diary #237  Everyday Life - Taking in the Good
DIARY BLOG · 03 May 2024
Rick Hanson was, in his words, a dorky shy kid growing up. He became aware that if he paid attention to good feelings that came up, the feeling would be prolonged.

Diary #236  Everyday Life - Looking at the goal
DIARY BLOG · 28 April 2024
Not living by the sea and not doing my favourite sport, surfing, I have been taking a stab at skateboarding.

Diary #235  Everyday Life - Tonality
DIARY BLOG · 21 April 2024
- Sometimes I may speak quickly because I'm excited, and I don't get my point across as effectively.

Diary #234  Everyday Life - Micro Novelties
DIARY BLOG · 13 April 2024
This week I have been playing about with "micro-novelties"...

Diary #233  Everyday Life - Uncomfortable Early
DIARY BLOG · 07 April 2024
If I have to make that uncomfortable call tomorrow, I may as well do it first thing.

Diary #232  Everyday Life - Peripheral Vision
DIARY BLOG · 07 April 2024
I love mind-training using tweaks I can apply in my everyday activities.

Diary #230  Master Lincoln
DIARY BLOG · 24 March 2024
I love combat sports.

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