Diary #1 - Welcome

Welcome to John's blog diary.  This is my first post.  I call it 'Finding Freedom'.

I've been wanting to start a blog diary for some time.  Often I've been enthusiastic and always, until now, have come up with reasons not to.


So I have selfish intentions here, which are that I will find some freedom from procrastination, freedom from habitual excuses and gain strength in doing-what-I-set-out-to-do.


One of my reasons-not-to has been that I should first set out a plan, a strategy and direction.  Another to research and emulate the most attractive blogs out there, become competent with MailChimp and get up to speed with social media.


Well I've decided to blog first and learn on the go.  So please don't mind the presentation and my goal is to have a slick framework by end of June 2020.


Of course, I hope you enjoy it.  I love discussing and communicating about experiencing-life-more-mindfully.  I've been through numerous courses each with its own flavour, plus other mindfulness-related practices such as Wim Hof and Neurofeedback.  I'm particularly interested in techniques integrated within daily life, be it commuting, meeting, exercising.  I intend to talk about all this and more. It's an open agenda so please give your feedback, advice and tell me what interests you so that I incorporate it.


Thank you for taking part in my journey to finding freedom.


Author: JD