Diary #13 - Back from a silent retreat

I've returned home after 5 nights in a very unfamiliar environment, a farm cottage with no electricity, a rigorous schedule of meditation exercises from 5am till 10pm and no chit chat. 

The first day felt ridiculous, then gradually things started making sense. The environment helps the mind acclimatise to a more grounded, intuitive state, away from the treadmill of daily concerns.  The process is like a meticuloulsy planned massage working on the rough edges with care and compassion.


I’ve become clear on a number of issues, eg that worrying about upsetting others can sometimes be a weakness.  And I have a feeling of being at peace with who I am, although I’m not yet sure what impact this has practically. I'll write more in due course.


Overall a very demanding, weird and remarkable experience.


Author: JD