Diary #18 - Doing the Uncomfortable to Feel Better

Feeling rather edgy, disappointed with myself that I’m procrastinating with today’s tasks, one of which is writing a blog post.


Here I’m conflicted because on one hand I want to be saying something helpful and uplifting and on the other hand I want to be authentic, "warts and all".


I’ve decided to do a live exercise and to see if doing-something-uncomfortable can get me out of the rut. In this case it’s an important phone call I’ve been delaying for months.  Let’s do it and see...


Still procrastinating.  If I wait and call when I’m on a roll it will be more productive. Why risk losing the opportunity?  For an ego-test?  Sod it - let’s do the call. I’ll try and 'connect with my purpose' and it should be fine.  Or is this stupid? What a headache this back and forth. 


I should retitle the post “Avoiding the uncomfortable and feeling worse”. These internal mind games are a pain in the ****.



Author: JD