Diary #21 - Mindfulness Course Step 3 of 10

Continuing with a brief explanation of what one gets out of a classic mindfulness course:


Step 3# It Will Pass

Having been meditating for a few weeks in a quiet room with no external stimuli, experiencing only ‘what arises in my mind and body’, one begins to notice patterns.  For example, at one moment I may feel calm, at another frustrated, at another elated and at another calm again.  Whatever I’m feeling will always change, that is certain.


Now, when I’m feeling frustrated I know that it will go. When I’m feeling happy, I know it will pass.


I will still try to cling to the pleasant feelings and push away the unpleasant ones – I’m only human.  But perhaps I can start taking it easier on myself, knowing that whether I like it or not, my mood will always change.



Author: JD