Diary #24 - Help

I’m finding this self-isolation and stress with Covid -19 really challenging.  Now I will discover if the mind-training techniques I’ve been studying over the last 7 years are worth their salt. 

I have been testing mindfulness, hypnotherapy, neurofeedback, Wim Hof, sensory deprivation, Positive Parenting Solutions, to name a few. In particular I’m drawn to blending and applying them in every-day life.


Now is the time to communicate my knowledge in a relevant and engaging manner.


So here is my ask – in two parts:

  1. What is one thing you’re currently trying to improve on?
  2. Would you be prepared to spend 3mins, 10mins or 30mins a day?

It can be anything, eg:

  • Shouting less at my kids while in self-isolation
  • Regulate my weight
  • Finding a morning routine that gets me focused and energised
  • Lowering my anxiety when it’s out of control.

Give it a go.  My challenge will be to come up with something helpful you can incorporate in daily life.  And you give me HONEST feedback in due course – helping me in turn.


My best wishes in these trying times.


Author: JD