Diary #25 - Mindfulness Course Step 6 of 10

Continuing with a brief explanation of what one gets out of a classic mindfulness course:


Step 6# I can find it Inside

Experiencing life more mindfully, with a greater degree of presence and awareness can feel like a fog lifting, one I wasn’t even aware I was in.  I’m perceiving experience in greater depth and detail.


For example, I begin to notice how my life is riddled with short emotional spikes. A comment makes me laugh, a noise makes me angry, a thought makes me compassionate.  I may even feel blissful for a moment without being able to pinpoint why.


I realise that if I consider myself an optimistic person, it is my most prominent rather than my constant state.  When I say I’m depressed there are moments that I’m not.


So if I want to change my state it is not that I can only achieve it by a radical transformation, by becoming a different person. Rather I need to increase the frequency and magnitude of the happy moments I experience.  This does not make the process easier. But there can be liberation in knowing that what I want to become is already inside me.


Author: JD