Diary #26 - Mindfulness Course Step 7 of 10

Continuing with a brief explanation of what one gets out of a classic mindfulness course:


Step 7# Clarity to Influence

For the experienced meditator, it has become a habit to be more detached from incessant thinking and the emotional turmoil that comes with it.


He can moor the boat in calmer waters.  Now when he takes action, throws a pebble, it is with greater precision and the ripple can be seen and felt.  It has an impact.


A practical application is in the context of difficult conversations.  In preparation the manager, parent, or friend has the ability to clear their mind of other distractions and fears, becoming fully present to the moment in hand.  Then by contemplating compassionate thoughts, a feeling of connection with the other side is experienced.


Now the difficult conversation is communicated with clarity, empathy, conviction and respect.


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