Diary #27 - Mindfulness Course Step 8 of 10

Continuing with a brief explanation of what one gets out of a classic mindfulness course:


Step 8# Look what's under the Radar

With regular training we are increasingly aware of the way thoughts trigger emotions, which then influence the next stream of thoughts.  What previously occurred under our radar is now in plain site.


I find this very useful when it comes to self-motivation.  I am an expert at finding reasons to procrastinate. This is because thinking-of-doing-that-thing brings mildly unpleasant feelings.  Then the most ingenious thoughts arise justifying why I shouldn’t.  Spotting the feeling however, allows me to take them with a pinch of salt.


I’ve been going back and forth writing this week’s blog as if it’s the most important thing in the world.  It needs to be readable, it needs to be current, it needs to showcase who I am.


Look. What are these subtle knots in my belly, this tension round my eyes? Really? It’s only a blog. Ok, fine.  Let's post it and get on with the day.


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