Diary #29 - Mindfulness Course Step 10 of 10

Continuing with a brief explanation of what one gets out of a classic mindfulness course:


Step 10# A Foundation for Everything

One of the most valuable aspects of mindfulness is that it gives me a much better understanding of how this intricate thing called "John" operates.  It’s a foundation for implementing all my life’s strategies more wisely and effectively, be it about motivation, stress, relationships, whatever.


For example,  I get annoyed about not getting things done on time. How is this useful?  Well, if it’s due to matters out of my hands I can sense the feeling in my body and allow it to diffuse. If it’s due to my laziness I can choose to consciously feed off it. Then I have an urge to get things done so it can disappear and be replaced by the high of success.  I might even choose to amplify it by making myself externally accountable.


Now I’ve been thinking - and procrastinating - about blogging on 'people’s experiences of mindfulness in real life'.  So here it is: I will do 4 posts by the end of June. Watch this space...


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