Diary #34 - Elspeth's Story


Mindfulness while [insert situation]

It may be tempting to think of mindfulness as ‘sitting still in a quiet room’, but this like thinking of exercise only as ‘working out in a gym’.


Being more mindful, in my view, is about intentionally-being-more-tuned-up to ‘the fullness’ of my experience.  This contrasts to me being unconsciously-more-caught-up with a particular aspect, such as my reaction to a difficult conversation, or the pain on my leg.


Thus, I can be ‘more mindful’ anywhere, anytime, especially once it becomes a habit. I can be more aware of what is happening and maybe even direct the play.


In this 2 min video my friend Elspeth talks about dealing with an emotional trigger while she’s driving.  I love the simplicity of her story.


Author: JD

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