Diary #37 - Meditation and Sprinting

What does meditation and sprinting have in common?

Meditation, in my view, is a process that helps me become more in-tune with the ‘fullness of my experience’.  In this context it helps me cultivate a variety of skills, such as awareness, improved response to emotional triggers, focus and presence.


Now in the same way I can strengthen my legs by doing squats, swimming and walking, I can use different exercises to develop my ‘presence muscle’.  If I am somebody that finds himself ruminating about the past or future, it is helpful to do as many ‘repetitions’ as possible throughout the day with a variety of methods, meditation or otherwise.


For example, whilst exercising, I find that during short high intensity sprints I become fully drawn into the present. Whether I like it or not, for those 5, 10 or 20 seconds, rumination doesn’t exist.  I’m also more focused the next hour or so.


I’m very curious about how we can use daily activities to develop the mind. Have you discovered anything interesting lately?



Author: JD

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