Diary #38 - Mindfulness is useless...

... once I'm highly stressed.


When I’m in the midst of a bout of high stress or anxiety, my mindfulness practice falls out of the window. Taking deeper breaths, knowing that ‘it will pass’, accepting my emotions, all feel like a waste of time. In fact nothing helps.


So why do I find mindfulness so effective?


In my opinion managing anxiety has to be done before the crisis. This is where I find mindfulness useful. Being more tuned in to my present moment experience, I am able to identify the periods where anxiety is mild, which are far more numerous that those of a crisis.


I am able to identify my training ground.


It is here that I get to exercise my mind-muscle, using different mechanisms, mindfulness and likewise so that when more stressful times appear, I am able to withstand heavier loads.



Author: JD

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