Diary #47 - Meditating with Eyes Open

During a zoom call I had with Tim Leach a.k.a the Mindful Baker (www.themindfulbaker.com) he told me about a quick meditation...

... with open eyes that can be done pretty much anywhere at any time, and I have been finding it really great.


The technique involves noticing (but not focusing on) 5 things in the field of vision, 4 body sensations, 3 sounds, 2 tastes and 1 smell - super quick way to become present.


I have published the extract of our call, where he describes it much better than I:

  • 2min youtube video - link here.

He has quite an interesting background by the way: lawyer -> ski accident -> sourdough pizza / mindfulness teacher.  Another post on this later... 


Author: JD

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