Diary #48 - An 'Intention-setting' Experiment


I find it quite interesting the way one's intention to realise or achieve something in life, be it big or small, becomes more real when voiced out in the public domain...

Email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc can be handy.


I have been wondering if it would be helpful to also use Linkedin.  The idea however, makes me feel awkward... which then makes me think that it could be even more valuable.


I would love to see my 'vocation' and 'work' overlapping. So here is an intention that I have just posted on LinkedIn:  "I intend to discover at least one synergy between ‘mindfulness’ and ‘hotels’ by the end of the year."


Let's see what happens…


PS. If you want to throw out an intention of yours in the comments below, go for it, just for fun. 


Author: JD

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