Diary #50 "Service' vs 'Personal Development'

I am constantly working on personal development to make a better contribution to the world, be it family, work, myself or community.


A recent conversation led me to realise that there is an interesting relationship between ‘Personal Development’ and ‘Being of Service to the World.’ I used to think that the former contributed to the latter, but it works the other way too.


Maybe they offer different ‘perspectives’ of the same thing. Take writing this post for example. In the past I would view it through a lens of ‘Personal Development’: “Interesting point - I should write about it - though some may think I’m odd - but I should not let that stop me - I will feel more confident...”


There are a lot of “I”s in that sentence, a lot of emphasis on the ego, which encourages a disconnect, and in my case, confusion. It makes the task an effort. Even reading the sentence is an effort.


Post the conversation my perspective is 'Service to the World': “Interesting point, others are bound to find it helpful, so let’s write”. Clear and simple - effortless.


In conclusion I feel that focusing on ‘Serving the World’ may be a wiser approach to focusing on ‘Becoming my Best Self’.


Any thoughts? 


Author: JD

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