Diary #68 Stretching as a Mind-Training Activity

Here is a tweak I have incorporated in my morning stretches that you may find interesting.

Rather than just aiming to ‘stretch further’, I explore the area of manageable tension, bordered by ‘too easy’ one one side and ‘too hard’ on the other.  This is like a playground for mind-training.  For example, where there is no effort, I can notice how easily my mind wanders away, whilst where I am in pain I am fully present.  Or I can notice the impact my internal dialogue has to the stretch: ‘Can’t wait for it to stop’ brings tightness;  ‘This is interesting’ softens it.


Paraphrasing Jon Kabat Zinn, one of the founders of mindfulness courses:


“As we carefully move up to our limits, we learn to dwell in the creative space between not challenging the body/mind at all and pushing it too far.”


I love exploring the wonders of the mind through daily activities. Anything interesting you have come across lately? 


Author: JD


 Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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