Diary #71 Stuck on a Treadmill

I am wondering what one can do when stuck on a treadmill?  When I am running to stand still, kicking to just keep my head above the water, the mind is cloudy and stuck.

No matter what you tell me, getting off seems an impossibility.  Even hearing well-meaning suggestions doesn’t help. It just makes me feel weaker. Of-course being knocked off is an option, but out of my hands.


What can I proactively do, if not to get off, at least to slow down?


In my case, when I’m stuck, any solution requiring mental effort doesn't help, not even meditation. Long cold showers where the body starts generating heat help a bit, as they free me from the mental charge and give me endorphins.  Doing something that I love, even for half an hour, can also help and it requires no effort.  Also just having a good old rant - no rescuing please.


If anything else works for you I’d love to hear it.


Author: JD

Image by t_watanabe from Pixabay 


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