Diary #72 Mindulness and Freestyle Rap - planting a seed

I find it easier to be mindful when silent. 

Often when speaking I have a subtle disconnect between what I want to express and the words that come out, as if one needs to be translated into the other.  At times when there is a full connection though, it feels great.


With freestyle one’s mental state is amplified and in full view. The more in-the-moment one is the smoother the words flow.  Any hesitations, over-analysing, any what-ifs, however small, can be noticed.  When 'in-flow' one feels ‘true to one’s self’. There is authenticity, vulnerability and power.


I see potential for mindfulness and freestyle to benefit from each-other.  Of-course it is a niche concept.


But if I could become more present and eloquent through dabbling with words over a good beat, wouldn’t it be an interesting, complementary exercise to sitting meditations? 


So here I am planting a seed, wondering if there is soil to grow.  If you find it interesting, please give me a nod.


And if this post reaches a producer, teacher, or artist in the music industry that resonates with the concept it will be fantastic.


Author: JD


Image by Dawnyell Reese from Pixabay 


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