Diary #75 Street Wisdom

At times I find myself stuck, mulling over the same familiar problem, coming up with the same unsatisfactory answers, unable to move forward.

The problem can be big, such as “What do I do with my life” or small such as “What do I name my podcast.”  In both circumstances I have all the information available, but the pieces of the puzzle just don’t seem to fit.


In this case the only productive approach, the only possibility for a solution, lies in looking at the problem from a different perspective, or more accurately a different mind state.  Only then I may see a new angle that fits the pieces together or realise that I need to tweak my question.


“Street Wisdom” (www.streetwisdom.org) is a very interesting 3hr exercise, where I have a nice walk listening to some simple instructions to ‘tune-in to my present moment experience’ and productively ponder a question. I have found it very helpful over the years, particularly during lockdown, and will be using it this week to decide on the name of my podcast.


If you try it out, I’d love to hear how you get along and likewise I will do the same.


Author: JD

 Image by streetwisdom.org


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