Diary #77 The Different Flavours of Nourishing Activities

Knowing that my having a nourishing experience positively impacts the rest of my day is encouraging me to schedule more. 

I am becoming increasingly aware that nourishment comes from either the activity itself, my attitude, or both.

  • Sometimes the activity can be pleasant, like a warm shower.
  • Sometimes, it can be unpleasant, like a tough work-out and the reward comes from completing it.
  • Sometimes it is just aligned to my values and knowing that ‘I have done something worth-while.’

In my experience, nourishment can come from pleasure, well-being or purpose.  As self-awareness increases (in my case through meditative practice), I can more easily determine what flavour is more appropriate and accessible given my situation.



Any thoughts? 



Author: JD

Image by Seksak Kerdkanno from Pixabay 


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