Diary #79 Fancy a Chat

Fancy a chat about your/our mindfulness practice?

I am constantly exploring different mindfulness techniques and adapting them to ‘real-life’.  I love talking about them and exchanging ideas.

  • What?
    • A 45 minute chat – free
  • For who?
    • Anyone interested in mindfulness, whatever your experience.
  • Why - you?
    • I may help with questions such as: How can I use it to help with [focus/negotiations/…].  Why am I not seeing results?  Can I incorporate it into [exercise/a work meeting…]?  Are there any techniques that are actually fun?
  • Why - me?
    • It is a topic I love. I will practice being more articulate (need it for a podcast I will be launching shortly!) .  Always learn from another person’s experience.

If you are interested please get in touch.



Author: JD

 Image by Andrew Lloyd Gordon from Pixabay 


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