Diary #84 A Cloudy Mind

Does your mind every feel cloudy?

It happens to me every now and then - far less frequently than 5 years ago when I was burning out – but it happens. The last couple of days have been particularly cloudy and I am trying to decipher why.


For one, there is an issue I am trying to resolve and my mind just cannot let it rest. As soon as I wake up, whilst I continue to get on with my day, part of me is constantly reanalysing the same thing in the background, over and over.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m also mulling it over my sleep without realising.  My family who are well tuned to my state, have noticed that I am not ‘totally with it’.


Of-course in the same way everything changes this too will stop.  In the meantime, with the risk of making ‘not-the-best-decisions’ I feel it is important that my friends, family and colleagues are aware.



Author: JD

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


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