Diary #88 Mind Training Adventures - Podcast

Over the years I am becoming increasingly fascinated by the many ways that we can train the mind.

Attention, clarity, presence, regulation, confidence, creativity, composure…are no longer just learned through the school of life.  


I love exploring this field and in particular hearing real-life stories which has led me to starting a podcast.

My verdict to-date: Presentation - work in progress; Content - love it.


I have released 3 episodes - web link here or go to Apple Podcasts - Mind Training Adventures.

  • Intro (4mins)
  • Mindfulness and Freestyle Rap (14mins)
  • Learning from a 500 mile walk (21mins)


I am learning podcasting on-the-go, which is great mind-training in itself, and would love any feedback.



Author: JD

Image by Ariadna Danilova from Ariadna Dane


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