Diary #91 The Body Scan - a helpful reminder

The body scan, where one sits or lies down scanning the body from head to toe, is a meditation I find very valuable.

In my experience it is similar to going for a work out at the gym: a dedicated training environment -- >> to develop particular attributes that add value to my life outside.


Training environment:  is typically a quiet room. Consequently the internal landscape can be experienced without external distractions.


Development of ‘mind muscles’  ---- >> life value-add

  • Focus: every time the mind wanders I bring it back  ---- >>> staying more present during meetings
  • Sensitivity to bodily sensations: brings greater awareness to emotional sensations  -----  >>> split second awareness of the pull of a new social media post
  • Determined Steadiness: continue scanning the body irrespective of sensations and thoughts being pleasant or unpleasant   --- >>> Noticing arising irritation or excitement a moment earlier and while still manageable -  useful eg for playing it cool.


Of course like going to the gym, the greater the practice the greater the rewards.  Similarly also, 5 minutes is far better than none - which is what I did just before writing this post.



Author: JD

Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay


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