Diary #96 Interviewing the Listener (Part 1 of 2)

Colin D Smith is an executive coach who has become known as the Listener, for his ability to bring out deep and meaningful conversations.

'Listening’ is increasingly being recognised as a skill.  If you are curious check out this podcast (13 minutes), where I interview Colin. The episode, which is in two parts, addresses what quality listening is about, together with some personal experiences and tips.


Link here; https://mindtrainingadventures.libsyn.com/interviewing-the-listener-part-1-of-2: also on Apple Podcasts: Mind Training Adventures / Interviewing the Listener - Part 1 of 2.


In Part 2 (publication date 29 Aug 21) I give feedback on my trying out 'quality listening' at home.


Colin's work can be found at https://dexteritysolutions.co.uk/



Author: JD

Image by Ariadna Danilova 


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