Diary #108 Coaching

“By calmness try to feel the thoughts behind the confusion of [a person’s] verbiage”

What do think of this quote from the book Autobiography of a Yogi? It reminds me that when someone talks, the spoken words are only part of what is being communicated.


I find this particularly relevant when having a coaching session. It is so nice to be really listened to and often the effect is quite noticeable. I had such an experience with Sonia Georgiadou a person I greatly admire and respect as a coach and family friend. If you are curious the attached podcast episode (9 mins) shows the results: before and after.

  • Libsyn: "S2E3 Coaching" link here.
  • Also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify: Mind Training Adventures.


Author: JD

Image by Ariadna Danilova 


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