Diary #110 Wim Hof - Ice Bath

Recently I started a podcast series about using mind training techniques I have come across to support me in a current life-goal.  

This week I talk about having an ice bath, which is becoming increasingly popular in the field of peak performance.


If you are curious listen to this 5min episode: blurb below:


“In preparation for my planning to speak to at least one company, by the end of Jan 2022, about the amazing mind training techniques I am exploring, I realise that my energy level is important.  Being very busy with my 'normal' job and family life, I turn to the Wim Hof Method as a quick and effective way to feel alive and energised during the oncoming winter in the UK.”


Otherwise just consider that it is possible to experience a state of strong energised presence and carry it through the day.


  • Libsyn: "S2E5 Wim Hof - Ice Bath" link here.
  • Also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify: Mind Training Adventures.


Author: JD

Image by Ariadna Danilova 


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