Diary #111 Managing Distractions

I find distractions such a pain, particularly when life is busy. 

At times they are not even fun: eg last week I was running calculations in my head, during ‘quality time’ with my son. Often, I realise only after I have been taken for a ride, and even then it is hard to get off.


But what can I do when they pop up so quickly and regularly? There is a technique called “mindfulness of breath” which I know can be very effective. It is like doing gym repetitions for the ‘attention muscle’ but it takes practice.


I could really do with managing my distractions these days, so to help me commit I have decided to voice it on this post and to publish a podcast episode breaking down how and why it works (6mins).



  • Libsyn: "S2E6 Mindfulness of Breath" link here.
  • Also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify: Mind Training Adventures.


Author: JD

Image by Ariadna Danilova 


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