Diary #119 The Power of Mindfulness

Two valuable things one gets from mindfulness practice are improved attention and the ability to be less attached to an outcome.

Whilst this can be useful for serious issues, to me it is particularly useful in the many micro-moments that make up my day.


My mind-state which is in continuous flux, flavours every assessment and action I take. For example, it can easily decide not to send this note because it is embarrassing, or to send it because it is valuable. Being aware of this in real-time means I can have a more fluid and less blinkered life.


If this resonates have a listen to this 4 min podcast episode.

  • Libsyn: "S2E14. The Power of a Mindfulness Course" link here.
  • Also on Apple Podcasts and Spotify: Mind Training Adventures.


Author: JD

Image by Ariadna Danilova 


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