Diary #132 Motivation in Parts

How do I get myself motivated about something un-motivating? Here is something I have been experimenting with – early days but seems interesting. 

  • Step 1: break it down into elements and try find one piece which I could be motivated about.
  • Step 2: tap into it and increase the ‘motivational charge’. I do this through meditation – settling the mind, then contemplating the motivational element so I ‘feel it’.

For example, I don’t enjoy vacuuming the house. However, I find it quite interesting noticing the way my balance shifts between legs and optimising my movement. And I have realised that it can help with footwork when I spar in boxing, something I love.


Hmm, now how could I apply this concept to work and family life...  Do you have any clever ways to work with motivation? Any thoughts or advice would be welcome. 


Author: JD

Image by Muhammad Ridha from Pixabay 


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