Diary #137 The Smallest Step

I am best at procrastinating with things that have the following ingredients a) no immediate consequences b) resistance to some action. My mind will then easily conjure up credible excuses.

To break this I try to use an interesting tweak that I learnt from my friend Richard Lepper who is a hypnotherapist: break it down into the smallest-first-step and commit to doing that instead.  For example, I have been meaning to ‘record myself guiding some meditations’ for months. But what about the sound quality, the type and length of mediation, who it is for, the alignment of the stars? Today I am changing this to ‘I will call my friend T to guide one for fun’.


Just writing this is making it more real. Ah good.  Now that I feel more inspired, is there one small step that you can do on something you are procrastinating?  Small enough that you will definitely do it?



Author: JD

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 


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