Diary #146 Let's Talk Mind Training

Are you curious about what’s out there and where it’s going? 

I have been exploring many techniques over the last ten years, conventional and un-. In my experience, meditation (different types), neurofeedback, Wim Hof, hypnotherapy, councilling etc… all have pros and cons depending on one’s aims, personality and life situation.


I love talking about this stuff. I’m not an expert and I haven’t found a solution – just constant work in progress. If you want to pick my brain, maybe find a way to meditate that works for you or someone you care for, exchange ideas, talk technique overlaps, tweaks or living the 24/7 in higher resolution, get in touch and let’s have an interesting conversation.


And here is a  2min youtube video my saying the same thing and sporting a fresh marine-look.



Author: JD

Image by John Danias


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