Diary #153 De-blobbing

How can I better navigate my responses? One way is to recognise the multitude of elements that my experience is made of.  

Then rather than simply wanting myself to feel better, I can intervene smarter.


For example, I may not be enjoying my scheduled chillout time because I always manage to feel guilty. I may recognise the guilt as a lingering unpleasant background thought.  Today in my case it is about tidying the house. I may see that it is only a small part of what I am experiencing, loosen my fixation and get back to enjoying the music.


Easier said than done though because deconstructing or ‘de-blobbing’ is a skill. If you are interesting in improving, a good way is through a mindfulness program especially when linked to CBT (cognitive behavior therapy).



Author: JD

Image by Julita from Pixabay 


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