Diary #155 - Mindfulness Course Step 1 of 10

Here is a brief explanation of what one gets out of a classic mindfulness course which is usually 8-10 weeks and can be done face-to-face, online, or using a book.


Step 1#  Training the attention muscle

Typically, at the start I'm asked to sit quietly and focus on my breathing. Repeatedly my mind drifts to thoughts and repeatedly I bring it back to the breath, like doing biceps curls in the gym.


Gradually I learn to be more present with what I chose to and I’m no longer taken for a ride by elusive thoughts and distractions.  Now when I’m washing the dishes, I’m washing the dishes; when I’m networking, I’m networking.


Q: how much practice is needed?

A: Ten minutes a day for 2 weeks will have evident results. With 45 minutes it becomes second nature.


Author: JD

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