Diary #159 - Mindfulness Course Step 5 of 10

Continuing with a brief explanation of what one gets out of a classic 8 week mindfulness course


Step 5# Relativity

Intentionally and regularly tuning in to my present-moment-experience can be quite insightful because I start seeing patterns.


Take today for example: it was rather cold waking up but far less than yesterday so it ‘felt warm’. Later, to celebrate a birthday, the family went out for a Sunday roast. Whilst it was fine, the place had amazing reviews so we left a bit disappointed.  Back home now, I have some unexpected free time having finished my chores early and it feels like a treat.


What does all this tell me?  That  often expectations influence my state even more than the situation itself.


But this is obvious you may say, so what is the point of mindfulness practice?  Because only through recognising it experientially, again and again, we can stop being taken for a ride. 


Author: JD

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