Diary #171 - Cultivating Mindfulness 6# - Doing and Being Modes

6#  Doing and Being Modes

I love listening to music analytically, noticing the number of instruments, pace, tone, layers of beats, the way it is all structured together, noticing how it is all done?


I also love listening to music with no intention, no expectations, simply absorbing it, being with it?


The experiences are very different. In mind-training lingo they are often referred to as the Doing and Being Modes. Both have their time and place. For example the Doing Mode is useful when planning my week's tasks.  The Being Mode is useful when I need to listen my friend without passing judgement.


But can I chose which mind-state to be in or does it just happen?  I can through mindfulness practice. 



Author: JD

Image by Anne-marie Ridderhof from  Pixabay 

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