Diary #173 - Cultivating Mindfulness 8# - Taking in the Good

8#  Taking in the Good

Yesterday we moved house and I was disappointed.


There is so much serious suffering around and yet I managed to be annoyed at the movers (who did a diligent job), get stressed with my son (who could have done with acknowledgment rather than criticism), and feel sad that the new bedroom is smaller.


Now I am not here to preach about appreciating what we have because we could lose it tomorrow - I would be hypocritical.


However I forgot to be 'skilfully taking-in-the-good'.  If I were diligent with my mindfulness homework, I would have been noticing ten things I am grateful for every day, gradually making it a habit. Then I would have experienced gratitude for insignificant things like recognising the decent shower pressure and sturdy floor boards.


With a multitude of micro-moments I would steadily build my neural networks so I don't need to wait for a tragedy to appreciate what I've got. 



Author: JD

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