Diary #175 - Cultivating Mindfulness 10# - Higher Resolution

10#  Higher Resolution

I find it super interesting how I can experience events in higher resolution through steady practice of mindfulness and other ‘grounding’ techniques. This occurs as I learn to soften the tug of my thoughts and emotions, which can often cloud my perception.


For example, in my second from last boxing event I was fighting a brawler, Aussie Mick.  Loosening the nerves of getting hit and looking good for the audience, I could perceive a pattern of wide swinging hooks that left an opening for my jabs. I could also recognise that he was used to having opponents retreating, so standing my ground and forcing him back put him in less familiar territory.


I love moments when life is experienced in higher resolution. 



Author: JD

Image by Aberro Creative from  Pixabay 

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