Diary #176 - Mindfulness and Exercise 1# - Motivation

1#  Motivation

To start exercising, or anything else for that matter, there must be a degree of motivation.


The motivation will be different if I look forward to the exercise or not. In the first instance things are simple. In the second however I will likely have conflicting feelings and the strongest one wins.


Here I can apply some mindfulness, or 'strategic present moment awareness'. For example, in the morning prior to getting up for a run I may deliberately draw attention to my breathing to still the mind, then picture myself experiencing the post-exercise high.


With a stiller mind the thought will be more prominent which will amplify the positive feeling.  Then it is more likely that I find myself out the door enjoying the crisp air than in bed enjoying the warmth.



Author: JD

Image by Andreas from  Pixabay 

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