Diary #178 - Mindfulness and Exercise 3# - Running

3#  Running

Here are two things that happened when I combined running with mindfulness/meditation practices.

  • Whilst I often do sitting meditations to become more present – less caught up in my thoughts - I noticed that I am more present whilst running, particularly when I increase the pace. One way to experience more in-the-moment-living is with high intensity exercise.
  • Doing the body scan (moving my attention to different parts of the body), whilst running gave me more stamina. I think it is because I spend less time dwelling on the tiredness.

I also played around with drawing my attention to sounds, to breathing and my peripheral vision. I find it super interesting to combine running with mindfulness/meditative exercises. There is even an app that does that: https://www.lupa.run


If you are experimenting with fusing body and mind training together I would love to hear about it.




Author: JD

Image by Maciej Cieslak from   Pixabay 

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