Diary #179 - Mindfulness and Exercise 4# - Competition

4#  Competition

Here are two things I noticed when being more mindful (observant) for a competition, in this case BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu).

  • My mind stops creating “valid” excuses not to train, such as “I need to be with my son for breakfast / I cannot move a meeting /my LCL sprain first needs to heal.”
  • The type of goal I set myself significantly impacts my experience. When my aim is ‘to prepare the best I can given my life situation” rather than “to win”, then success is in my control. Also my days are peppered with more dopamine hits.


Bringing mindfulness in the process of competition is super interesting and I feel I have only touched the surface.



Author: JD

Image by 41331 from   Pixabay 

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