Diary #181 - Mindfulness and Exercise 6# - Wim Hof

6#  Wim Hof

Here are two things I noticed attempting to being more mindful (tuned-in) during a  Wim Hof course (meditation, breathing exercises and exposure to cold):  

  • Overcoming a limiting belief can be more powerful than overcoming believable but harder barriers.

I say this because I found it harder and more exhilarating to feel warm after 5 minutes under a cold shower (week 3) than after a 10 minute ice bath (week 8).

  • Because I find something amazing it doesn’t mean that others will.

I say this because I found myself a bit disappointed when I couldn’t ‘sell’ it to all my friends.


Wim Hof Method can be a super interesting way to become more mindful and energised at the same time. For some people…



Author: JD

IImage by Krystsina Radzevich from Pixabay

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