Diary #184 - Mindfulness and Exercise 9# - Snorkelling

9#  Snorkelling

Here are two interesting things I noticed being intentionally more tuned-in while snorkelling and free diving in the same spot for a week (rocky cove in south Athens, Greece). 

  • When I focus on searching for something interesting fewer things appear. When I simply rest with no agenda more fish show up and sometimes even interact with me. Somehow this reminds me of friends opening up about their issues when I listen without trying to fix them.
  • Over time my movement becomes more refined and effective. I find it very complementary to meditative practices such as the body-scan, which help one 'feel' their emotional state.


II reckon snorkelling and free diving can be super interesting meditative experiences.



Author: JD

Image by rsoler616 from Pixabay 

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